At a mega launching event of Seattle in United States, Amazon unveiled a bunch of latest devices, as well appliances empowered by Alexa, a virtual intelligent assistant service feature, on Thursday. Few of those appliances and devices are recently available in India and some of others will come soon. The innovative integration of Alexa makes these devices and appliances more convenient and compatible for the users. The specific integration of Alexa voice services scopes the user to fulfill their wish or direction through speech which is initiates a new methodology of communication between users and devices.

Here is a specified glimpse of the latest devices and appliances commenced at the mega event of Amazon in Seattle.

Latest Echo Dot

Amazon introduced at this event their best-selling smart speaker Echo Dot which is presented with a refurbished corporal design of 1.7 inch driver to mesmerize the users with striking sound. As a smartest hands-free speaker it is included with a in-built speaker. It can be connected with the other external speakers through the bluetooth and audio apps and with headphones through the 3.5 mm stereo cable. The configuration of Alexa — a cloud based voice communication service assistance facilitates the user by giving scope to play music, check news, sports scores and weather, make calls , set alarms and more instantly. Echo Dot holds the simple settings and controlling units. The users simply need the Alexa App available in their iOS or Android phones, one plug point and reliable WiFi connection with minium 512 Kbps speed.Users just have to plug in Echo Dot for connecting to a reliable power source and nextly, have to open Alexa App for connecting to WiFi and then ask for any music , information and more functionalities. Echo Dot is able to diversely entertain the users by playing music according to their favourite artist, genre from various kinds of popular music services such as Amazon Prime Music, Tunein and Saavn. Users can also enjoy the louder music by using the multi-room music feature. Besides robust integration of seven microphones along with beam-formation technology makes Echo Dot able to catch the direction or commands of user even in a noisy environment by effective noise cancellation methodology. In US, Echo Dot is available at $49.99 price tag and it is also available for pre-order at Rs. 4,499 in India.

New Generation Echo Show

At the Seattle event Amazon presented a redesigned Echo Show integrated with a larger screen, fabric finishing and more vivid sound capability. It distinctly incorporates 8-mic array and a HD display of 10-inch dimension. Empowered by Dolby, Echo Show delivers more fine-tuned, crispy, as well as expansive sound. Echo Show is also integrated with flexible browsers like Firefox and Amazon silk. Echo Show makes the mood of the users more refreshing by answering the questions along with graphical images. A set of developing feature named Alexa Presentation Language allow the users to make the innovative presentations applying their visual skills.It also integrates a latest API known as Alexa Doorbell API through which when anybody rings doorbell it instantly appears in the screen of Echo Show. In UK, US and Japan Echo Show is revealed with $229.99 price tag and it will come in India in early next year.

Amazon Smart Plug

Empowered by Alexa, Amazon Smart Plug allows the users to control the electrical appliances like lights and coffee makers. Like a normal plug this smart plug also have to connect to the wall power point outlet but the difference is it is enkindled by the Alexa App. Users have to differentiate each smart plug connection via Alexa with specific name, so that the plug for living room, washroom, AC can have specific id and Alexa system can specifically activate or deactivate them according to the user’s voice commands. The Amazon Smart Plug will start shipping with $24.99 price tag from October 2018.

Meet Alexa

Alexa is a cloud based voice communicating application which assists the Amazon’s latest devices to work as per the virtual command of the users. As more the users use the devices as Alexa adopts the pattern of their directions or commands and delivers the standard output. In all the latest Amazon devices like Echo Show, Echo Dot, Amazon Smart Plug, the integration of Alexa application has facilitates the users with lots of multi-functional features such as music and entertainments, calling and messaging, news and information, questions and answers, smart home, fun staff , shopping, Alexa skills and more.

Alexa scopes the users to listen music from the renowned online music portal such as Amazon Prime Music, Tunein and Saavn. The prime members of Amazon can listen millions of add-free songs of any genre, albums and artist. The user simply have to open the Alexa app and select ‘settings’ — ‘Music and Media’ and then choose default music services.

The users can get flash brief of various news updates of sports, weather and more from the renowned sources like Aaj Tak, NDTV, Times of India and more. Alexa also capable to guide the users to find movie in the nearby theater hall and search the nearest restaurants along with the phone numbers, address and business hours.

Alexa application makes life smarter as it works as a innovative and prompt calling and messaging platform. The users only have to open Alexa app and they direct the app to call someone, as well as command the app to send voice message to anyone. Through the Alexa app the users can announce any sentence to inform rest of the family members like ‘Dinner is ready and more.

Alexa can help the users to maintain their daily schedule in diverse way through the various multi-functional features such as timers and alarms, calendars, to-do lists and more.

The additional feature of Alexa known as Alexa skills scopes the users to order foods from Zomato, Swiggy and to book a ride from Ola, Uber and call a plumber from Just Dial.

Therefore, the largest and most popular online retail portal has stepped forward to make the daily life more flexible and updated.

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Originally published at on October 20, 2018.


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