Tips for Stress-management

Do you often feel yourself in a stressful condition and could not find any way to dissolve it?
Then, first of all, you must get it clear that what the word ‘stress’ actually means and why does it take place. Stress is a state of emotional or mental tension that results from demanding or adverse circumstances. It is primarily a physical response. Stress is actually a physical and psychological response to the rising demand of life. Generally, a small amount of physical response is to an extent good as it motivates to perform well. But multiple challenges which we need to deal with in daily life, such as meeting deadlines, stuck in traffic, paying bills and resolving personal issues are a bit difficult to overcome easily.

Facts about stress:

  • Symptoms of stress can be of both psychological and physical. 
  • Short-term stress is not that harmful but long-term stress leads to serious health diseases.
  • Stress leads the physical body to get it prepared to face difficulties.
  • Early preparation to an extent is helpful for stress-management.    

Stress leads to changes in the body

Stress has the side- effect to slow down normal bodily functions, such as immune and digestive system. Therefore, every resource at that point of time concentrates on blood flow, rapid breathing, muscle, and alertness as well. Changes that body encounters during stressful situations are- fast breathing, pulse rate, and blood pressure rise up, slows down the digestive system, muscles become tense, disturbs sleep and decreases immune activity. The way you deal with odd situations depends on your stress level and it has an impact on your body as well.       

Ways to manage stress


Stress-management helps us with a range of tools for the purpose to reset the total system. Proper management of stress also aids our body and mind adapt because without it the body would always remain on high-alert. Chronic stress mostly leads to the serious health-related issue. Therefore, it is mandatory to learn the ways to manage stress easily. Following stress-management tips, many help you to re-balance your daily routine, as follows-
  • Take a mini-self massage- Whenever you feel stressed, massage your one hand palm with the thumb of the other hand making a circular motion and repeat it twice on each palm.
  • Breath slowly- Easily breathing helps to eliminate stress instantly as breathing from diaphragm oxygenates the blood and helps it to slow down.
  • Visualize calm- It might sound you odd but it actually helps to reduce stress immediately.
  • Smile- Smiling is a kind of two-way mechanism so when you smile it automatically makes you feel happy and relaxed.
  • Try yoga- To avoid feeling stressed you must make a regular habit of giving yourself some time daily for a yoga secession. Yoga will also help you to heal your physical and mental pains that caused by excessive stress.
  • Measure your stress temperature to evaluate how often you feel stressed.
  • Behave like a fighter- At the primary stages of stress do not complain about every small thing but try to focus on being responsive, proactive and predictive as well.
  • Start counting backward as it requires high attention, which helps to forget about other stressful situation and focus on counting. 
  • Initiative to say ‘No’ is a key to reduce stress.
  • Consume minerals as it is essential for growth of body and also to work on stress response system effectively.
  • Focus on consuming more vitamin enriched food as present diets lack mostly requires vitamins.
  • Pay more attention to the reasons for your stress rather than just simply ignoring it.
  • Draw your schedule so that you can enjoy a required amount of space to deal with your own works.
  • Go for a walk- Walking requires taking a lot of more deep breathing, which helps to improve blood circulation and reduce the level of stress.
  • Manage to take an hour or two off from your busy schedule and go for relaxation with your friends.
  • Consume healthy food that would not harm your daily life and make you suffer from disease.
  • Try out some plans to do something different, which will surely help you to feel stress-free.                  
Every stress types are not the same. Therefore, each requires different types of management. In total there are three different types of stress, which are- acute stress, chronic stress ad episodic acute stress. And chronic stress is not manageable and it is most harmful, which leads to a lot of health-related difficulties for the person suffering from chronic stress. Sometimes people with chronic stress are asked to consult doctors so that necessary precautions can be taken.  
Stress-management is necessarily required as stress hampers the quality of life. If a person is potential enough to maintain calmness during the stressful situation or odd circumstances than no barrier could defeat him or her. However, if you are not that capable of managing your own stress and deal with the odd situation then you are requested to follow the above-mentioned ways to reduce psychological and physical stress. Don’t waste your quality time and allow stress to damage your quality of life, relationships, and health. Start practicing stress management measures from today itself. 
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