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What is WordPress? Why is it so Popular? Major Sites Powered by WordPress

Did you know almost 30% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress? If you have just discovered WordPress then there are a wide range of questions that may come to mind. The online website creation tool written in PHP and probably is the easiest blogging and content management system. Starting a website is fun, especially when you decide to choose WordPress as your blogging partner. It comes loaded with a broad array of features that help your website reach a lofty end.
Let’s start with what is WordPress and then scroll down to read everything you need to know about WordPress.  In the following post, you can find WordPress Statistics, Major Sites Powered by WordPress and why is WordPress so popular.

What is WordPress
If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, then in simple words WordPress is an amazing open source website platform. The software is designed for everyone, who puts a focus on accessibility, performance, and ease of use. WordPress is a software that is friendly to th…