30 Changes to Expect in your 30s

Hooray! You’ve finally hit your 30s. Happy 30th Birthday. 
Starting the third decade of your life can be daunting. Who knows what this next chapter may hold, especially after all the excitement of your 20s. Well, worry no more. We’re here to tell you what changes to expect – 30 to be precise. 
  1. Your career becomes priority one
Your 20s were all about studying, discovering your career direction and settling into something serious. After kissing all those goodbye, you can now invest into building your career – and enjoying its success.
  1. You’ll value quality over quantity
From furniture and friendships to cocktails, parties, dining and clothing, you’ll only want to invest in the good stuff life has to offer.
  1. You’ll develop a genuine fear of hangovers
Let’s face it, your body isn’t what it used to be. Drinking everyone under the table at the bar or pub actually becomes a bad idea.
  1. And if you do fall victim to a hangover…
Recovery from a Birthday, Wedding, Event or big night out at the Bar or Pub can take up to a week.
  1. Your sense of fun changes
Goodbye weekend-long, binge drinking at the Bar benders. Hello wine-tastings, craft beer, fine dining and Netflix.
  1. Busy becomes your middle name
In between work, family gatherings, weddings, functions, special events and kids’ birthday parties, you’ll find little time for anything else.
  1. Mayday, grey hairs are on their way
It’s a job too great for tweezers. You need to find a hair stylist, pronto.
  1. But in the end, you’ll feel more confident in your own skin
That’s right. Despite all the grey (and stray) hairs, you’ll come to accept (and dare we say, love) the way you look.
  1. You’ll evolve from IKEA furniture
Portable IKEA closets were for your 20s. Sophisticated, built-in wardrobes are for your 30s.
  1. Wine, wine and more wine
You’ve left the beer pong, cheap cocktails and tequila shots at the pub behind with your 20s (for good reason too, refer to #4). Wine now takes centre stage.
  1. You’ll find that every 30-year-old person and their dog goes to the gym
As metabolisms slow down, hitting the gym is a great way to maintain your weight and health.
  1. Late nights become a thing of the past
The world doesn’t exist after 9pm.
  1. You’ll hear wedding bells – often
Many of your friends will get engaged and eventually, married. So you can expect to attend a lot of weddings, functions and parties.
  1. And you’ll discover that wedding gifts break the bank more than parties do
So you better start saving.
  1. Your social media will change with you
Your Facebook feed goes from drunk group selfies at the bar to newborns dressed as gumnuts.  

  1. Your bed becomes your happy place
Just the idea of getting into your PJs and snuggling in the blankets makes you feel excited.
  1. You’ll feel betrayed by your favourite food
Thinking about eating that greasy yet oh-so juicy burger? Your heartburn says ‘think again’.
  1. You’ll care less about what other people think
Brushing off people’s unwanted opinions gets easier in your 30s.
  1. You’ll actually feel relieved when people cancel weekend plans
That means you can do what you really want to do – be a couch potato.
  1. You’ll feel flattered when someone asks for your ID
Getting mistaken for being underage at the bar or pub is the biggest compliment you could ask for.
  1. You’ll be more and more surprised by younger people
What they wear, what they say and how they act. Younger people become a foreign species to you.
  1. You’ll realise your parents were right – about a lot of things
And they were probably right about you having to learn things the hard way too.
  1. Then you’ll start to sound like your parents
The amount of life advice you have to give will astound you.
  1. Your 20s will start to kick inSuper late nights at a bar, club or pub. Excessive junk food. Lack of exercise. You’ll start to feel all the bad lifestyle choices you made in your 20s.
  1. You’ll have a better idea of what you want in life
With three decades up your sleeve, you’ve been through thick and thin, good times and bad times. Now you know exactly what you want, when you want it.
  1. You’ll still be cool – just a different kind of cool
We’re talking about a sophisticated, more mature kind that 20-year-olds just can’t pull off.
  1. You won’t waste time on things that don’t matter
You’ll get tired of toxic people and negative thoughts. From here on out, it’s positive vibes only.
  1. You’ll get serious about settling down
Properties, mortgages, marriage and kids. These are some of the major life choices you’ll be considering.
  1. You’ll forget how old you are
But as long as you can remember the year you were born (and are capable of quick maths), then you’re all set.
  1. You’ll realise that your 30s are way better than your 20s
Why were you even worried in the first place?
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